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Name:Mijita Miabi
Birthdate:Sep 25

Sometimes I feel you're sitting next to me
and listening to my stories
Time always shows me it's hard to understand
how to be myself
Moonlight dries your tears, moonlight hides your fears
- "Moonchild"-Cibo Matto

Mijita is young woman of many different contradictions. Intelligent in a book sense, but painfully naive with social situations. Fiercely curious about the various inhuman races that roam her world, yet unsure about what exactly she is. Shy around most new people, but completely and utterly trusting of a man she barely knows. Very Japanese in origin, but barely looks it. She doesn't admit jealousy, despite her actions proving otherwise. Despite all this, Jita is very kind, gentle, and sweet to most people she comes across and tries to make the best of what her contradictory nature gives her.
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